Introduction to Horse Racing in Singapore

Horse racing is an interesting sport that involves two or more horses on a track. Riders usually drive the horses. Historically, horse racing is the most ancient of all field sports. According to archaeological records, horse racing took place in ancient Britain, Egypt, Syria, Babylon, Rome, and Greece. The sport was introduced in Malaysia and Singapore in 1802 by the British. The Singapore Turf Club was the first horse racing club to be established in the country in 1842 (it is the oldest recreational club in the country). The Penang Turf Club was the first to be established in Malaysia in 1864. Horse racing in Singapore is a popular sport among gamblers because of its many bet types. There is also a lot of information and culture attached to the sport, making Singaporeans more interested in horse racing betting.  

Types of Horse Racing

There are two types of Singapore horse racing, flat and jump (also known as national hunt). Traditionally flat racing was for the wealthy, while jump was for country people and farmers.

Jump Racing

There are two types of jump races, including chases and hurdles. A racing horse can jump a minimum of twelve fences in a steeplechase or a minimum of eight hurdles. The hurdles normally measure two feet and nine inches in height, while the fences measure four feet and six inches in height. Jump horse races range in distance from two to four and a half miles. A jumping race begins with riders circling their horses. They take to the track when the tape is released.  

Flat Racing

Most horse racing betting is based on flat racing in Singapore. Flat racing is the most popular SG horse racing. It is the opposite of hurdling and steeplechasing. That is, racing over level ground with no fences or hurdles. A flat race can range from five-furlong sprints to more than two miles. There are eight furlongs in a single mile. One furlong is two hundred and one meters long. Races in flat racing commence from different places with respect to their distance. You have to confirm with your Singapore horse racing card to know where to look. A flat race starts from the stalls for standing but a regularly powerful start. The horses take to the track when the gates are opened.